Zephyr Cydia Tweak Home Button

The zephyr cydia tweak home button is one of the more popular apps that are available on the jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod’s. This tweak fits works in conjunction with iOS so well that I would not be surprised if apple decides to take the idea and run with it at some point.

Developer: Chpwn
Source/Repo: BigBoss
Price: $4.99
Features: There are a bunch of options that can go with the Zephyr cydia tweak home button here are some examples.

•    Choose the number of fingers you use to determine what feature is activated.
•    Tracking of fingers and accurate, smooth gesture recognition.
•    An upwards swipe will activate you app switcher
•    Move between apps with a single swipe

For an easy explanation of what this app does then just take a look at the iPads multitasking gesture features.  Apple has enabled such gestures as 4 fingers, swipe up and more on the iPad however they have decided to not include these on the iPhone and iPod. This is where the zephyr cydia home button tweak comes in. the developers are constantly adding new features but with this very user friendly tweak it is now possible for both of these iDevices.

After you have Jailbroken your iPhone or iPad and downloaded Cydia, within the settings of the zephyr tweak which you will labelled (System Gesture) these feature are able to be enabled or disabled individually. This means that if you only like one of the gestures then this is all you have to use.

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