www.cydia.com Find Official Site

www.cydia.com is not an official site at the moment. Cydia is a piece of software which was designed as an alternative the Apple App’s Store. The availability for the software is mainly on the Phones, iPod touches, iPads. The apple deices have many limitations, so the designer of the app Jay Freeman and his developers set out to create an open source community that will not be dictated by Apple.

The company “SaurikIT” is situated in Isla Vista, California. They have produced thousands of apps, extensions, themes and other customizations that take you take you to a world at apple won’t let you.

It is unsure whether or not the domain www.cydia.com will become an official domain for the cydia jailbreak software. The official trademarked site at the moment is located at http://cydia.saurik.com.

The site you are on at the moment is not the official cydia.com site. We are cydia.com.au and have no affiliation with the company other than connect you to sources and assistance with the software and its tweaks. Please browse our site and im sure we will be able to assist you in your queries.