Winterboard Themes for Cydia

Winterboard themes for cydia are themes that completely change the appearance of the iPhone screen on a jail broken device. The winter board themes work best with the evasion jailbreak. There are different ways to attain the winter board themes depending on the specific device. They can be made to fit the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. It can also be modified to adapt to the iPhone 3GS and iPad.

Developer: Jay Freeman (Cydia Founder)

Source/Repo: Jay Freeman (saurik)

Price: Free (you may have to pay for some individual themes)

Features: The Winterboard Themes for Cydia gives the option of:

  • Changing the completely changing the look of the iPhone.
  • Offering many options of themes to choose from.
  • Optimizing customization

The winterboard cydia theme allows users to modify the display of the iPhone or iPad. This allows each user to customize the appearance of their device to make their device unique from other basic factory devices. The cydia winter board changes and offers many different options each year.

Winterboard TweakThe winter board themes coming out each year can be quite an event. Changing the entire appearance of the device is a benefit that many users like; it gives each user a way in which to make the device personal to them. Winter board themes come in all different types of designs, with some having much better graphics than others. One of the most prominent and best adapted themes is the Ayecon theme.

The Ayecon theme has one of the clearest looks and it runs on the system effortlessly. Ayecon offers themes for almost every part of the iPhone or iPad system. Ayecon affects the lock screen, home screen and many of the apps available on the system. Many of the newer more advanced winter board themes are optimally used on the iPhone 5. Some of the themes will also require the download of ThemeIt, so that may also be a concern when choosing the right theme.

Winter board themes are a great option for customizing a system. Finding the right option for the users’ system is key to the enjoyment the user will get from the customization options. Cydia tweaks have come to realize this and deal


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