WeeTrackData – Cydia Data Tracking App

Do you know that your iPhone is an extremely hungry device? It keeps on consuming bits of data packets even when you are not using any app requiring internet connection. How? There are many services on iDevices which are automatically set to push. For example, the mailing services keep on checking for new mails even when the app is closed properly through the task manager. In such a scenario, you end up crossing your data usage limit provided by your network service provider very quickly. What if you had an app that could let you track all the usage of your internet data pack? This is possible by using WeeTrackData Cydia data tracking app.

Cost: $1.99

Developer: Albert Schulz

Source: Big Boss

Features: Following are the most significant features of this tweak:

  • Comes from a very popular tweak developer Albert Schulz
  • Serves as a good utility
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can be added directly to the notification center

The WeeTrackData Cydia tweak provides the best functionality while retaining the simplicity which exist in the default notification bar of an iDevice. The user can set his monthly data allowance through standalone settings. The widget can also work on calculating monthly, weekly and daily percentage of usage. This is possible after setting the date for renewal of allowance by the user himself. Setting up this tweak is fairly simple. After setting up, you can invoke the notification center which would now display the tweak and monthly usage of data pack. If you want to switch between different statistics, you can just swipe the already visible one to see the other one. The widget also shows uploaded and downloaded data. There is a small information bar which allows the user a quick access to the setting panel. The user can also contact the developer for it has information about his twitter and website account.

It’s said only the name of Schulz is enough for an iDevice lover to buy a tweak developed by him. He always provides the users with maximum functionality and minimum complexity. Wee Track Data Cydia tweak is one of such efficient tweaks which anyone using the internet would require for sure.

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