WeeSpace cydia tweak

Do you need to customize your notification screen? What if you get a multi task switching bar which doesn’t only show icons but show you the app screen just like it does on a Mac? Is this possible? Yes, it is by using a very simple tweak known as a WeeSpaces Cydia tweak.

Cost: Free
Developer: F. Guilleme
Source: Big Boss

Features: WeeSpaces Cydia tweak is packed up with the following features:

  • Allows you to put multitask switching bar on your NC
  •  Gives app screen previews
  •  Shows home screen for easier access
  • Works faultlessly

To use this tweak, you would need to install it on your device first. This tweak is available for free on the BigBoss repo. All you need to do is to click install and then configure. To configure this tweak, go to settings and tap the notification center. Click edit and shift the WeeSpaces to ‘in the notification center’. It’s better if you position it below the weather app for it would give you an easier access. To start using this tweak, swipe down the NC and you can see the WeeSpaces Cydia tweak show all the open apps and in case, you need to see the home-screens for quicker access, swipe right to left. Using this tweak is seriously very easy. Isn’t it? Also, this tweak is also a battery friendly one. Your device is not going to feel much loaded because of this tweak so no worries about the battery life.

This one is considered a very cool plugin which provides a very basic and attractive feature for free. Having a task switched on the notification center is something which iDevice users would never have in case they haven’t jail broken their device. Once you have a jail broken device, all such cool utilities and plugins become really necessary and Wee Spaces is one of the basic and must have plugins in the category. Now, the multitasking becomes easier than ever on your iOS. Why? Because you have the WeeSpaces tweak. The only limitation of this app is you cannot close apps from the widget itself or rearrange them.

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