Unlockfx Tweak Cydia – Animated Unlock Effects

Are you looking for some unlock animations for your iDevice? In case, you have a jail broken device, this is something which a user tries to get at first for such animations make your device look really cool and personalized. Doesn’t it? If you also want a wide range of unlock animations available on your device, all you need is an Unlockfx Tweak Cydia.

Cost: $1.99

Developer: Filippo Bigarella

Source: BigBoss

Features: do you want to know which features this tweak provides you. Look here:

  • Get over 1 dozen animations
  • Both simple and complex animations available
  • Alter the speed of animation
  • Create custom animation with photos

Unlockfx Tweak Cydia animated unlock effects includes all kinds of animations which would give a brand new look to your iDevice. Due large number of animation options and some really useful features, this tweak have become one of the most popular tweaks providing such kind of utility. You c easily use simple and complex animations and change them on the fly without a need to respiring.

Custom photo animations are also very easy to create and use. It also gives you’re an option to alter the speed. The random option available lets you get a different animation each time you unlock your device. Isn’t that cool? This Unlockfx Tweak Cydia works well with all kinds of iDevices. This tweak doesn’t add any icon to the springboard and have configurable options in the setting up only. This is really a much in demand feature for downloading so many tweaks can make your springboard look too crowded and messy. This one carefully provides you with a great utility and customization option without burdening you with a new icon on the springboard.

This tweak comes from a very popular developer – Fillipo and it is considered to be the best tweak if you are looking for some unlock animations. Now, you can easily make the good old slide which everyone gets bored of a very stylish animated slide. Customization is what every iDevice user look for after a jail break and this is the tweak which he must try first for all other tweaks are useless in case you don’t have this one.

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