The Best Cydia Alternatives for Jailbroken Devices

Both of those that are new and old to the jail-breaking scene may only be aware of Cydia: the most popular tweak and app installation store for jail-broken iOS devices. However, Cydia is not the only jailbreaking store. Here are some of the most prevalent alternatives one can look into:


Icy is a strong alternative jailbreakers can use to install all the mods, tweaks, themes, and apps they could ever need. Just like Cydia, Icy allows users to search and download sources they can use to customize their device. The developer of Icy is Ripdev, who maintains the software as well. Icy is great because one can download many items for free. The downside to Icy is that it is only available for those with an iPhone or iPod Touch.


iMods is the most recent development in the jail-breaking world where jail-breaking file manager developments are concerned. iMods is building a new store from the ground up. While the store is not yet available, it is in its beta stage. Those building iMods have, in fact, released a video of their program showing how it all works. Testers are evaluating all parts of the jail-breaking file manager to weed out any imperfections. Something that users anticipate is the new look and feel it will provide. While Cydia still looks like something that originated in 2008, iMods will look like the most current iOS. There will be new tweaks in iMods that Cydia has not ever made, making it a much more relevant jail-breaking store option.


Weblin is a fantastic resolution for those that want to be granted all sorts of different apps, games, cracks, tweaks, themes, and other modifications. The long-list plethora of choices well matches all that Cydia can do. Even those who cannot (or do not) jailbreak their device can enjoy Weblin. Weblin works best for those who are not rushed-for-time in terms of downloading applications. For those who need certain applications as soon as possible, it is best to try another Cydia alternative.


Yak is a good option for those wanting to try new things. Yak is more similar to the Apple App Store than it is to Cydia because it allows users to rate the apps they download. This in all encourages more of a community within the store that is not currently pertinent in Cydia. You can also save time using Yak because you can preview the app before you install it, just as you would in the Apple App Store. Yak makes it very clear that you need a jail-broken device before you can run it.


Rock is the perfect option for those looking for a Cydia substitute that is entirely exclusive to the iPhone. It is important to note that Rock is not a free application as well. But, for those iPhone users that want exclusive service, Rock can be wonderful. Cydia, while useful, can have too many options that make it difficult for jail-breakers to find the right app or tweak they need. Downloading an iPad tweak on an iPhone may not work. In the worst of situations, the iPhone may crash. Because coming across one type of tweak or app meant for another type of device is somewhat common, limiting all downloads to the type of device you use from the get-go can very well simplify manners.


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