SMSmileys Cydia Tweak Add Emoji Smilies

SMSmileys cydia tweak with emoji smilies are a jailbreak tweak that allows actual smiley’s to be used in the message application. This jailbreak tweak allows for smiley face signs and signals to automatically be converted into the actual smiley faces they represent. Using this particular jailbreak not only offers the traditional smiley faces, but allows for the user to skip opening the emoji keyboard.

Developer: Sam Stone

Source/Repo: Big boss

Price: Free

Features: The SMSmileys cydia tweak adds emoji smilies allows for the:

  • Embedding of smiley faces that automatically convert from the text form.
  • Enhanced graphics and definition in the smiley faces presented.
  • Greater amount of options compared to the factory allowed versions.

SMSmileys tweakThe SMSmileys cydia tweak with the addition of emoji smiley’s the user is able to type in the text version of the smiley’s and they automatically appear once sent instead of having to bring up the emoji keyboard each time a smiley face is due to be entered.

This is a simplistic jailbreak tweak that enhances convenience. With SMS Smileys tweak the user does not have to stop their typing flow they can enter the text version of the intended smiley face and when the message is sent the text will convert to a smiley face on its own.

Sounds simple enough, but in a time crunch this tweak can be very useful. This tweak takes effect immediately after it is installed to the Apple device.

SMSmileyscydia tweak is available for installation on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.It also makes the tweak even simpler because none of the settings have to be changed and there are no added icons to open on the Springboard of the device.

This particular tweak does have one downfall, which is that it only works with the message applications. The tweak does not work for any other application or any other part of the specified system.

SMSmileyscydia tweak allows a user to increase their texting speed by limiting the time that has to be used to pull up the emoji keyboard each time a smiley face is due to be entered in a message.

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