KillBackground Cydia Tweak To Close All Apps

After a couple of years of waiting, Apple finally implements system wide multitasking in its IOS devices but with such a multitasking feature, there arises one issue which is becoming a concern for many I users. The multitasking feature works really well and doesn’t slow the system until you have less than 10 apps running on your device. As soon as you open more than 10 apps approximately, your system starts becoming sluggish. To speed up your system, you would have to kill each running application one by one which is quite a difficult and irritating task . Isn’t it? How about a tweak that lets you close all the running applications with just one click? Yes, this is possible with a KILLBACKGROUND Cydia tweak.

Cost: Free
Source: BigBoss
Developer: Mathieu Bolard

Features: This simple tweak has following features

  • Kill all background applications with a single swipe
  • Straight to the point tweak
  •  Easy installation
  • Installs itself to the multitasking bar
  • Easy to use
  • Ensure optimum device performance by killing the running applications
  • No new icons added to springboard

KILLBACKGROUND Cydia tweak close all apps – as depicted by the name, closes all the running applications in your iDevice. All you need to do is to search for the tweak and install it into your device. Make sure your iDevice is jailbroken. The feature of automatic installation to multitasking bar makes this tweak very easy to use for you not have to mess up with any kind of 3rd party applications. All you require is this tweak and you can simply turn on the tweak by using optional kill switch in the device’s settings.

This KILLBACKGROUND cydia tweak is more considered as an important utility for each iDevice for you require such an app in order to maintain optimum and fast speed of your device. Another best part which makes this tweak a preferred choice is that it’s free. This cydia tweak has got all one can require – easy installation, free, easy to invoke and very effective in killing the background applications.

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