iSounds Cydia Tweak Sound Changer

Do you want to alter the boring and common iOS sound effects present on your iDevices? Do you want to change these effects and use something cool and uncommon? In case, you have a jail broken iDevice, you have a very useful tweak known as ISOUNDS Cydia tweak which can help you out in changing those boring default sounds present in your device.

Price: Free
Source: BigBoss Repo

Features: so, what this tweak actually allows you to do? Following are the main features of this tweak:
• Apply custom sound effects to your iOS interface
• Attach sound effects to actions like opening applications etc.
• Mix and match different sound themes
• Haptic feedback

To use the ISOUNDS Cydia tweak, you need to download it. Once it’s downloaded, you can see the icon of the tweak on your springboard. Once you click this icon, you can easily apply sound theme like Windows XP, Tapbots sounds and much more. In case, you are still not satisfied and want more customization of the sound effects, you can use individual actions so as to change the effects on the entire iOS interface. You can also try mixing different sound themes to enhance the sound effects. The tweak also allows the feature of Haptic feedback. The only drawback of this tweak is the springboard icon which is not preferred by many users as it makes the home screen look very crowded. Also, in case you use the haptic feedback feature, the battery life of your device gets degraded. It’s preferred to keep the haptic feedback feature disabled and enjoy with the lovely personalized sound themes and effects.

ISOUNDS Cydia tweak sound changer changes the whole experience of navigating through an IOS interface. You have to no longer deal with the boring default sounds or mute actions. Add some crazy sound effects with just a few clicks using this tweak. The tweak is available for free. And you can also become a pro user by following the developer’s instructions available at the time of download. This tweak is a must have to make your iDevice look more stylish and customized.

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