Infinite Tweat Cydia Tweak

INFINITE TWEET Cydia tweak, as depicted by the name itself allows you to convert your twitter tweets longer than 140 characters. Are you too upset with the short limit of characters that twitter provides you? Do you need more words to express what you want to say in a single tweet? In case, you have a jail broken iDevice, this is easily possible with this tweak. You can easily bypass the set limit within the Twitter application available at the App Store.

Cost: $0.99

Developer: Moeseth

Source: BigBoss

Features: following are the main features of this tweak:

  • Bypass the 140 character limit
  • Compatible with TweetBot and Echofon
  • Get an Instagram inline photo viewer within the Twitter application

You would be thinking how the Infinite Tweat Cydia tweak works? The tweak allows you to break the set character limit without requiring you to manually use the applications like twitlonger etc. which serve the same purpose but with too many complex tasks involved. The developer behind this tweak knows the jailbreak community for providing with some really simple and basic tweaks which are required by many in their day to day work on their iDevices. Apart from bypassing the character limit, the tweak also provides you with some additional features. For example, the Instam inline photo viewer which is available within the same Twitter iOS application. There is also an auto expander use while direct dealing with links. For Echofon, it also provides tweet translation facility and a ‘nowplayingtrack’ tweet which allows you to tweet what kind of music you are listening to. You can easily configure the InfiniteTweet Cydia tweak through the Setting app. The settings are really straight forward and simple to configure.

The developer himself describes the reason for buying this app. Every twitter addict who is sick of the 140 limit is in dire need of such an app. In case, your friends are tweeting twitlonger posts, this kind of tweak would help you simplify your reading process for this tweak has a ‘twitlonger’ feature too and loads the text real fast by using low bandwidth. This really saves you time.

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