IGOTYA Cydia Tweak Track a Stolen iPhone

Here is one tweak that makes the cydia download after jailbreaking totally worth it . Do you ever fear who uses your mobile when you think it is just lying around? What if someone steals it and accesses all your personal information? Or even worse, use it pretending to be you! The fear time is over now. The IGOTYA Cydia tweak, track a stolen iPhone is designed exactly to serve this purpose and keep your mobile safe and sound. Full protection and security is what this app offers and I must say that the list of occasions and people it has helped is becoming more populated by the day.

Developer: Fintan Killoran
Source/ Repo: BigBoss
Price: $6

Here are some features of this app that will make you shout for joy in knowing how safe your iPhone is with this app.

  • If you ever lose your mobile, fear not, when the password is entered incorrectly for more than three trials, the phone automatically takes a picture of the person operating it and sends it to your mail along with the GPS location.
  • Alerts are also sent when unrecognized people access your phone. What’s more, this cydia tweak will also make an alarming sound when access is denied that will scare the thief away.
  • It is Simple and easy to set up.
  • Easy to use.
  • There is also the option of allowing access while hiding all personal data from the user,
  • You can also track the exact location of your phone with the tweak every time your tampered phone is in the vicinity of Wifi.

IGOTYA has reported to have helped track many thieved iPhones. With such a huge trumpet to blow on, it is a wonder indeed to see that it comes with a nominal price. There is also a free 10-day trial version of it available with all features for the proposed period. If you have jailbroken your iPhone, the IGOTYA is one tweak that you simply can’t ignore.

The IGOTYA tweak is designed to treasure your personal data under any circumstance. Reliable, secure and trustworthy- the tweak gives you a taste of everything.

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