iFile Cydia App Tweak and Source

Do you need a fully fledged file manager in your iDevice? Do you want a file manager which can give you full control of your device from the root level? Unlike file managers available on the AppStore, you get full control of your device. All you need is a jailbroken iDevice. If you require such a file manager for your I, all you need is an ifile cydia app tweak.

Price: $4.00
Source/Repo: BigBoss Rep

iFile Cydia app tweak and source BigBoss allows you to do a lot more with your iDevice. Following features would give you an overview about how powerful and flexible your device would become when you get this tweak.

  •   Get complete control over the file system.
  •   Copy, move and edit stuff right on your iDevice.
  • Change permissions of the files right there.
  • Fast File Explorer
  • Ability to download and upload files.
  •   View documents like HTML, PDF etc.
  •   Built in video and audio player with support for almost all file formats.

Only the features are enough to describe how powerful an ifile cydia app tweak is. You can simply do anything with the files on your I. But be a bit cautious. If you don’t know anything about the file structure of your device, don’t try experimenting this tweak. Otherwise, this tweak will make you a God of your phone. Do anything with the files on your device with simple steps. Edit, copy, remove, rename, view – all you can do easily with this tweak. This tweak hits all the marks which the traditional file manager in app stores missed. Everything which lacked in a file manager is available in ifile tweak along with the previously present features.

This tweak is considered to be one of the best tweaks ever available. It’s on the wishlist of every jailbroken iDevice owner. This is something which should never be missed for the real jail broken iDevice isn’t complete without a tweak like this. No one can actually doubt this fact. If you are also looking to customize your files, all you need is a powerful file manager like ifile.

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