Icon Renamer Cydia Tweak for iPhone

Are you really bored of the names of the different apps and icons on your iPhone? Do you have a jailbroken iPhone? If your device is jailbroken and you want to get rid of the boring names the apple has given to the icons present on the springboard, there is one tweak by cydia which has come up for your help i.e. Icon Renamer Cydia Tweak for iPhone.

Cost: Free
Developer: Ryan Petrich
Source: BigBoss

Features: This Cydia tweak has following features:

  • Rename icons from your phone’s springboard
  • Simple
  •   Easy to use
  • No new app icon
  •   No setting pane upon installation
  •   Free to download

Icon Renamer Cydia Tweak is a tweak by a well known Cydia app developer. The tweak is too popular just because of the name of the developer. Is that so? No. It is so popular because of the amazing features it enables on one’s iPhone and because of the simplicity of this tweak. The features of the tweak say that the app when downloaded, do not form any new app icon and also no setting pane appears after installation.


Then how would you use this app? All you need to do to use this app is to download it which is of course, free and install. That’s it. Now, you need to tap on the icon whose name you want to change and hold it like you do when you are going to remove it and then tap it once again. Then you can type in the new name and hit apply. You will get the instant results.

Icon Renamer Cydia Tweak has been a tweak which is most in demand. Also, as it comes from a very popular developer who is known for his useful and easy to use tweaks. This tweak is a must have in an iDevice especially if you want to give a completely personalized touch to the springboard. You can rename each of the icons present over there according to your choice. Isn’t that cool? All you need to do is to download this tweak.

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