iBlacklist Cydia Tweak For iPhone Call Blocker

Having trouble with your calls? iBlacklist Cydia Tweak For iPhone Call Blocker  is here to solve your problem. Loaded with awesome features, I was thrilled with the iBlacklist tweak that does just about anything and everything on your idevice. The professional app allows to you make, take, monitor, store and protect your phone calls. In today’s era of golden privacy and voracious data protection, it is indeed a wonder why such tweaks aren’t included in all phones by default. They do nothing but improve the way your iPhone works with special attention to your preferences. After all it is your phone and you must feel comfortable with what it allows and what it blocks!

Developer: Spectro
Source/ Repo: BigBoss
Price: $12

Believe it or not, the iBlacklist is one tweak that has over 15 remarkable features. Here are some of the most interesting and fun ones.

  • First things first, it is easy to set up and adapt to.
  • For all the parents who are wondering what their kid is up to all day long on the phone, leap for joy cause it has parental control with silent record storage.
  •  Store unlimited contacts and also use either the white or black list, based on your preference.
  • Multiple active lists, SMS blocking, auto reply options.
  • Maintain privacy with password protection.
  • Add contacts from plenty of sources like the recent calls, address book or even the recent SMS history.
  • Individual call disconnection setup.

If you have any issues or require an additional feature, the iBlacklist kinda has the whole gig in the single tweak. However, nothing is perfect in this world and likewise, the iBlacklist cydia tweak has some serious issues with the setup. The scheduling system and camouflage options are some of its highlights. Calls received from restricted or blocked numbers can be stalled, stopped or diverted automatically and all the calls from the telephonic aggressor will never appear on your iPhone.

A tweak that puts you first and puts you in charge of your own device, the iBlacklist is a powerful and commanding tweak. You can get your very own tweak for a small price and enjoy the full potential of your iPhone.

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