Gridlock Tweak Cydia for Jailbroken Devices

Gridlock is a Cydia tweak that is known for allowing icons to be positioned wherever the owner would like on the screen or Springboard. Though this seems like a simple solution to a problem it is extremely useful. The placement of icons on the Springboard allows the user to position the icons in the best place for their purposes.

Developer: Chpwn

Source/Repo: Bigboss

Price: $4.99

Features: There are a few options that this cydia tweak Gridlock offers…

  • Choose exactly where the icons are placed on the Springboard.
  • Create blank icon spaces

Gridlock is a basic, simple jailbreak tweak that gives the user control over exactly where they are able to place different icons. It does this by breaking the row and column restriction on the iPhone as well as the iPod touch. This is a tweak that is quite useful in causing the iPhone or iPod to view a unique style setting it apart from other basic factory iPhone and iPod touch. Gridlock Cydia Tweak is a jailbreak tweak that exhibits the usefulness of a basic uncomplicated tweak.

cydia tweak gridlockA jailbreak allows the iPhone or iPod touch to do things it was not originally programmed to do. Many iPhone and iPod touch users look for ways to get away from the basic setup allowed by the factory on the intended piece of equipment. The iPhone and the iPod touch come with certain restrictions, and jailbreaks allow users to perform functions outside of the intended restrictions.

This Gridlock Cydia has also been conformed to ensure compatibility with the newer system updates offered through Apple. Gridlock is also known to work best when it is joined with other iOS tweaks and themes. When others are already downloaded on the equipment it allows Gridlock to run smoother. Gridlock is a cydia tweak that many users are known to use because it gives the user yet another way in order to customize their phone and the intended layout.

The Gridlock tweak is a basic jailbreak that allows the user to modify a basic restriction. Gridlock is a great example of a basic easily accessible and easy to use tweak that proves to be quite useful in what it is set out to perform.

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