Dreamboard Cydia Tweak With New Look Themes

Do you like playing with the user interface of your phone? Everyone knows that the apple provides one of the simplest and classy user interfaces as compared to all other rivals but still, in case you have a jail broken iDevice, you would love to play with different themes and give your device a completely different look. You can also make your device’s user interface look like the one of a Windows Phone or Android Phone. Yes, this is possible with the help of a freely available tweak known as Dreamboard Cydia Tweak.

Cost: Free

Source: ModMyi

Features: The tweak has following features:

  • Change the user interface of your device
  • Install different themes
  •  Free to download
  • Android by default (makes your phone look like an android phone)

How would you install Dreamboard Cydia Tweak with new look themes? As mentioned in the features itself, the default theme that comes with installation of Dreamboard tweak is android. You just need to download this tweak. Once it’s installed, respiring your phone to see the effects of a brand new theme on your phone. You can also use other custom themes which are easily available on Cydia. Once you install a theme of your choice, click on the Dream Board icon on the home screen of your phone and then click the desired theme icon. The theme will take a few seconds to load and then you can apply it.

Once you apply the theme, your phone would have an entirely different look. Various themes like Windows theme etc are easily available and very easy to install. Dreamboard Cydia Tweak is therefore a must tweak in each person’s phone for this one is seriously amazing and provides you a great amount of customization features. Just imagine! You can try out hundreds of themes using this tweak only. You would never get bored from your phone’s theme. This is what the users of this tweak say. Moreover, tweak is an easy to download, easy to use and completely free utility which obviously makes it a number one choice amongst the users who are looking for such kind of customizations in their iDevices.

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