Double At Cydia Tweak eMail Shortcut

Cydia tweaks are becoming popular day by day because of the useful features they provide through different apps. Who amongst us doesn’t love shortcuts? We keep various shortcuts on the home screen of our desktop to easily access the commonly used files. Don’t we? How about having such shortcuts on your iDevice as well? How many times do you have to type your complete e-mail address in order to make an account or access an application over the web? What if your whole email address can be typed by double tapping a single letter? Is this possible? Yes, it is if you have Double At Cydia Tweak E-mail Shortcut.

Price: Free
Developer: iSam
Source: BigBoss

Features: Before you get too excited by the free of cost feature, here are the actual features of the tweak:

  • Enter your email address by simply double tapping the ‘@’ button on iDevice keyboard
  • Works anywhere in the OS where the feature of iDevice keyboard is enabled
  • Can be easily set up from settings menu
  • No new icon added to the home screen

The Double At Cydia Tweak is perfect for those people who hate typing their email address again and again. No one likes this boring task especially when you have a very good and popular tweak which can make your work very simple and accurate. Just set up the tweak after installing it. You would need to mention the email address for which you want to create the shortcut. That’s all. Every time you would use the default iDevice keyboard, you can just double tap the ‘@’ button and your complete email address would be typed/displayed. The no home screen shortcut feature makes it preferable by many who don’t like hundreds of shortcuts on the home screen.

Double At Cydia Tweak is not just a tweak, it’s a great utility which is a must for each jailbroken iDevice. The best part is its available for free. This tweak which is required each of the idevice users in real life comes for no cost. You can simply install and use it forever. Buy it before they make it a paid one.

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