Cydia Tweak CleverPin Your Passcode Feature

A Passcode security is very much necessary in order to save your iPhone from an unauthorized access but this necessity sometimes feels like a burden because of the inconvenience of the Passcode security. Moreover, do we even need it when we are just sitting alone at home? What if you could simply turn it off in a easy way as soon as you reach home and get it automatically turned on when you step out of home? Won’t that be cool? This is possible by using a Cydia Tweak CleverPin.

Cost: $1.99
Developer: FilippoBiga
Source: ModMyi

Features: what do you get through this tweak?

  •  Automatically turn of the passcode when connected to a network of your choice.
  •   Easy to use
  •   Automatic reactivation of passcode security while you leave the secure network.

The tweak detects when you connect to a specified Wi-Fi network and then automatically turns off the passcode security until you are connected. Using this tweak is really easy. Once you install the tweak, you need to go to the settings app and turn on both Enable switch and the “Connected to Network” switch To add the network of your choice, press the Networks button and tap on the “Add Current Network” . Suppose you are at home and using the home network, this step would add your home network and thus allow you to automatically turn off the pincode security whenever you are connected to your home network. It is also possible to turn off the pass-code while playing music or charging your phone. Cydia Tweak CleverPin improves your password features by automatically reactivating the passcode whenever you leave your house ensuring the security you require while you are on the go.

Cydia Tweak CLEVER PIN is the best option to turn the highly inconvenient security code to a bit tolerable form in case you trust your household members. Apart from features of deactivating the passcode while charging or playing music, you can also enable automatic reactivation of passcode after a specific time interval. CLEVERPIN provides you with an actual smart security feature and makes your iDevice security much more convenient.

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