Cydia Truprint Tweak With Airprint Improvement

The AirPrint has been one of the best technologies introduced by apple so far. With the help of AirPrint feature in your idevice, you can wirelessly print your documents, a file or a photo. There is no need for cables or installing software. All you need is to give print command and you get your documents printed on a remote computer. But unfortunately, this technology was only limited to HP’s ePrint enabled printers only. This means you can use AirPrint for other wireless enabled printers. This problem is solved now with the release of cydia truprint tweak.

Price: $9.99

Developer: Intelliborn

Source/Repo: cydia.xsellize.com

Features: The tweak has following features:

• Print documents through any wireless enabled printer
• Auto discover feature
• Advanced CUPS platform
• No setup required

Cydia truprint tweak airprint improvement is certainly a great improvement over the original airprint feature in the I. The truprint utilize the built in ‘print’ menu on your iDevice and enables you to make use of any computer that is connected to the network. All you need to do is to download the cydia truprint tweak and get an easy access to digital printing. Installation of this tweak is also very simple and has no extra configuration cost. Also, you don’t need to make any changes to your device’s settings. This discovers the printers in the network automatically and allows you to use them for digital printing. The only requirement for this tweak is of course a jail broken iDevice.

Though the price of this tweak is a bit high but the figures say that this has been one of the most downloaded tweak of all times. Why? Because of the simplicity and services it provides to the users. One amazing feature AirPrint lacked in some crucial areas and this tweak allowed it to cover up all such areas. Now, printing is simplified and more accessible. There is no reason for one would deny downloading this tweak. Every person who has to work with documents in his workplace need such an app an cydia tweak is a versatile version of this app and therefore, a must buy!

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