Cydia MultiIconMover Tweak to Move Multiple Icons

What is the first reason for jail breaking an iDevice? To make it easier to use and give it a completely personalized touch. Isn’t it? How many icons do you have in your springboard? What would you do in case you want to move a few icons from screen 11 to screen 1? You would have to pick up each icon one by one and move it through all the screens till you reach screen 1. Isn’t that a tedious task? Also, it does take a lot of time. To simplify such a task, there is one basic Cydia tweak i.e. Cydia MULTIICONMOVER tweak.

Cost: Free
Developer: Lance Fetters
Source: BigBoss

Features: This tweak is one with ‘one time download and use it forever’ feature. Here are the basic features of the tweak:

  •   Move multiple icons at a single time
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t move folder icons
  • Free to download

How can you use the cydia MULTI ICON MOVER tweak move multiple icons app? It’s really very simple.

  1. Download the tweak first.
  2. Now, all you need to do is to tap the icons which you want to move until they start to jitter.
  3. Now, tap on the icons you wish to move until a check mark appears along with it.
  4. Now switch to the page where you want to move the icons and click on the home button.

The selected icons would be moved to that page. To exit edit mode, you would need to press the home button again. The tweak only moves icons not the folder which is really a positive feature.

Many people often wonder why such an essential feature doesn’t come as a built in function in iOS. The developers certainly left a drawback and that’s why a tweak like Cydia MULTIICONMOVER tweak has been developed. This tweak provides you an extremely required feature all for free. There isn’t any reason for not having such a useful and essential tweak. Anyone can require this at some point or another. It’s better to download it now and use it forever. That’s the exact reason for this tweak was developed.

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