Cydia Facebreak Tweak

Are you looking forward to enable FaceTime on your recently jailbroken iDevice? Do you want a simple and easy way to enable FaceTime Calls? Obviously you don’t want to get into the hassles of manipulating the system files in order to enable this feature in this phone. Why would you when you have a tweak which provides an easier way to accomplish this task. Yes, you can easily enable this FaceTime calls over 3G with the help of one tweak called Cydia Facebreak Tweak.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Yanin Dunan
Source: BigBoss

• Enable FaceTime over 3G
• Do this with 1 click
• No setup required
• No need to look for WiFi connections
• Easy installation

Though the manual method of enabling FaceTime is free but in order to get Cydia Facebreak Tweak FaceTime over 3G, you need to pay a small amount of money. This is the one and only drawback of this tweak. Otherwise, this tweak has been loved by almost everyone who has used it. The easy installation and no need to setup make this an extremely popular tweak especially for people who love to see their loved ones while calling. Once installed, all you need to do is reboot your iDevice and that’s it. Cydia Facebreak Tweak is working your device. Also, this tweak is cheaper than all other tweaks available in the market for the purpose of FaceTime calling. The tweaks supports up to iOS 5 and 5.0.1.

One can consider this tweak as an open opportunity for trying the stuff which you cannot do without a jailbroken iDevice. Built in FaceTime feature works only with WiFi but this one works with 3G network too. There isn’t a single reason for why you should not buy this tweak. This tweak is cheap and easy to use and provides an extremely desired feature in iDevices these days. If this tweak hasn’t been there, you would have made changes through the file manager manually to get a feature like that. This is simply impossible to do for a non technical person and that’s why each one of us need a this tweak for sure.

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