Copic Contact Picture Tweak

The copic contact picture tweak is a jailbreak tweak that allows contact pictures to be used in all aspects of the device giving it a more personal touch. The Apple devices have great useability and functionality, but at times they lack the personal touch. This particular jailbreak tweak is a way of giving the systems a little of that personal touch back.

Developer: IArrays

Source/Repo: BigBoss

Price: $1.29

Features: The Copic Contact Picture Tweak gives the option of:

  • Add contact photos to messages.
  • Add contact photos to the notification centre.
  • Add contact photos to call lists.
  • Add contact photos to contact lists.
  • Availability to all of the different Apple devices.

The copic cydia tweak allows users to use contact pictures in all different types of facets throughout the system. It has been found that users enjoy viewing their contacts, notifications, and calls by photo. It tends to be more personal than the generic printing of the name, especially when the individual has a similar name o someone else.

copic capture enablerThe photo is a quicker point of reference to exactly is contacting or notifying the user. Copic tweak cydia allows users to use contact pictures in messages, calls, contacts, and notifications.

This particular tweak was created because of the users desire to personalize and enhance the systems capabilities. Allowing the pictures to be used in notifications and messages gives the user a quick reference to who is attempting to contact them in the various ways. Advertised as a way to make the system more unique to the individual, this tweak gives the users the warm and cuddly feeling knowing that they can view the actual contact whenever they are attempting to get in touch with them in various ways.

Copic is a sought after function and benefit to the perspective user. The only thing that has to come before the download of this particular jailbreak tweak is the fact that the device has to be jail broken before the tweak is allowed to be applied.

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