Color Keyboard Cydia Tweak

Color keyboard cydia tweak lets the user customize and add colour to the keyboard. The Colour Keyboard cydia tweak also allows for keyboard themes. Color keyboard is compatible with iOS 4 and newer systems. It has been found that the jailbreak tweak is not compatible with the iPad.

Developer: YooSeung Kim

Source/Repo: Big boss

Price: $1.99

Features: The Color Keyboard Cydia Tweak allows for the:

  • Ability to change the keyboard background
  • Ability to insert images in the keyboard background
  • Ability to change key colour on the foreground
  • Ability to change the shape of the keys minimally

color keyboard tweakThe Color Keyboard cydia tweak gives the user the opportunity to change different features pertaining to the keyboard in iPhone’s with systems iOS 4 and newer. The Color Keyboard tweak begins by allowing the user to change the background of the keyboard. The option of changing the background can change up the view of the keyboard to keep users from getting bored with the normal view of the keyboard. Many users enjoy customizing their phones in various ways.

Aside from just being able to change the keyboard background, the Colour Keyboard cydia tweak also allows for the user to insert different images in the background, change the key colour, and change the shape of the box the keys are situated in. In general the boxes the keys are in can only really change in relation to the sharpness and curvature of the boxes. Background images can be overlayed atop of the keys to change up the look as well.

In order to change the aspects of the iPad keyboard the user has to have the HD version of the Colour Keyboard tweak. The HD version gives the user the opportunity to create their own themes in relation to the keyboard aside from only being able to pick and choose colors and insert images.

The Colour Keyboard cydia tweak works well in changing up the basic keyboard for increased customization by the user. With this tweak there are also no icons added to the devices Springboard, but the particulars can be changed in the settings screen.

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