Can You Jailbreak an Android Phone or Device?

Can you jailbreak an android phone or device? As of 2013 it has become possible to jailbreak an android phone or device but you must “root” your android device. For more we will list on rooting an android phone please our other page…

Once you have your phone rooted you need to head over to the android app store of Google play store and download the Cydia substrate app. You will know it’s the legitimate app when you see that it is made by the developer “Jay freeman (saurik)”. See image below for demonstration.

cydia app store android

Please note this is not a picture of the android Cydia store. it is a picture of the Cydia app store for iPhone.

Once downloaded it if very similar to the cydia for apple devices. You have to search out some sources to find some tweaks and themes. In conclusion to the question, can you jailbreak and android phone? The answer is YES. But please proceed with caution if you download the wrong root file that does not co-inside with your phones operating systems version then you can brick your phone which I have done before. Luckily I found the right version and was able to upload it to the phone and unbrick the android phone.

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