CamFast Cydia Tweak Start Camera Anywhere

Ever had trouble searching for your camera up and down, round and round your menu tabs? Well, the search is over now with the CamFast cydia tweak, start camera anywhere. You can quit searching for it and directly enter the camera with a simple action with the home screen button. Opening of the camera application has never been an issue with the iPhone. In fact it barely takes a second. However, finding the app? Now that’s an entirely different story. The activation gesture is very simple; all you have to do is click thrice on the home button and then hold the status bar. Viola, the camera application will open. The CamFast is one tweak that you can use without wasting precious time.

Developer: Ron Melkhior
Source/ Repo: BigBoss

Price: Free

Some most admired features of the CamFast app are as mentioned below:

  •   It gives quick access to use the front camera or rare camera from the lock screen when needed by simple hand gestures.
  •   Increase in speed of opening the camera of the iPhone can be seen with this tweak
  •   You are given the choice to pick any activator action that you desire.
  •   Easy to use and quick to access the camera.
  • Setting it up is simple.
  •   Change of activation action possible as and when needed.

On jailbreaking the iPhone it is only right that you get to make maximum utilization of the device at hand. The Camfast tweak is just a small step towards obtaining that awesome potential of the I. One disturbing drawback with this tweak is that when the activator action is already activated and is called once again, the springboard crashes. This disturbs your activities on your device. Opportunities present themselves less often and when they do, we should grab it. Similarly, the CamFast allows you to take timely and immediate snaps, as and when required.

The CamFast is an eye-opener to show the different aspects of using your phone without actually entering it. It opens up a range of options for the future tweaks. Enjoy taking snaps without breaking a sweat with the CamFast tweak.

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