BytaFont Cydia Tweak Font Change

Once you jail break your iDevice, you become free to experiment with different customization features which would add some kind of great functionality and a personal touch to your device. The customization features also include changing the default font system of your device. This is possible by using an amazing Cydia tweak called BytaFont Cydia Tweak.

Cost: Free

Source: ModMyi

Features: The tweak has following features:

  •   Change the default font style.
  •   Special configuration options to change fonts of specific areas
  •   Requires respiring for displaying results of font change

It’s also possible to change the font in an iPhone without jailbreaking it but that would require you to be an adept iOS programmer who can make changes to the font cache and this is hardly possible without messing up with entire system’s programming. Your system might also fail if you do so but once, you jail break your iDevice, you have this awesome tweak that would allow you to change the font in one go.

BytaFont cydia tweak font change allows you to download and easily configure the font styles on your iDevice. The tweak provides you can option to configure the font change so as to keep it limited to specific areas. In order to use this tweak, you need to download it. The fonts would need to be manually downloaded either from within the BytaFont or from Cydia. In order to apply these fonts, you need to open the BytaFont on your device. Tap the basic button. It would display the list of downloaded fonts. Select the font you want and click yes in the popup dialog box which would ask you to re boot your phone. Once, your phone re boots, the new font would be displayed at the selected areas.

BytaFont Cydia tweak is the only straightforward tweak compatible with latest IOS. Other tweaks are either too complex or are not fully compatible with latest iOs versions and therefore, this tweak becomes an obvious choice for the people who are bored with the default font style on their phone and want to experiment some new styles.

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