Are you feeling confused as to what jailbreak software you should choose?

A short time ago I asked a number of jailbreak and cydia experts what they thought was the best jailbreak software in this question below:

“If you could only choose 2 Jailbreak software’s which to jailbreak your iDevice which would you choose?”

When I first started out with Jailbreaking I was so confused with all the different jailbreak software I was presented with. I was so confused my first time that I went with a paid professional jailbreaking service which did the hard work for me. That’s why I decided to really reveal what the experts think and see what the best software for jailbreak is.

Best Jailbreak Software As Voted By Experts

Best Jialbreak Software as Voted By Experts

#1. Evasi0n – (3 Votes)

#2. Redsn0w (2 Vote)

#3.  Sn0wbreeze (1 Vote)

Please keep reading to find out the experts exact opinion and their tips on the top jailbreak software for them! Also you will notice that there is a link above their description this will lead to their site so please follow it when you feel like it to see what else they are saying.


Jignesh Padhiyar  -  iGeeks Blog

Jignesh Padhiyer

I’d only choose evasi0n. there’s no need for any other jailbreak software at the moment. the reason is simple: evasi0n just works. no custom ipsw, no restore, no ssh. absolutely nothing. just plug in and hit jailbreak and it does everything. i mean, with evasi0n around, every other existing jailbreak – redsn0w, sn0wbreeze etc. – seem a little complex.


Tim  all cydia

For the iOS 7 jailbreak we only recommend one software. That is the Evasi0n software. It is the most trusted on the web right now as they were the first ones to jailbreak the iOS 7 software.

Archie Cavalier: “lets say evasi0n did not exist what would be you next best choice and why?”

If we didn’t use that , It would be Redsn0w. They are also a huge name in the jailbreak scene 


Evasi0n, no doubt supports latest iOS 7 jailbreak on multiple ios device as well as very easy to use the tool.

Archie Cavalier: “If Evasi0n did not exist what would be your second choice?”

If evasi0n doesn’t work the only choice left will be Redsn0w and Sn0wbreeze