Best Cydia Alternatives For Non jailbroken Devices

The Cydia app is the first application that those who who have just jail-broken their device receive. It is an app store that allows jail-broken users to install third-party apps and tweaks to take their customization to the next level.

Although Cydia offers some fantastic features, the only way one can access them is by jail-breaking their device. This is something that not everyone would want. For one thing, when people jailbreak their device, the warranty on their device is no longer active, and although jail-breaking is completely reversible and completely free, some find it too much of a technological hassle. This is where the best Cydia alternatives for non-jail-broken devices come to play:


The name of this application itself already sounds quite similar to Cydia before learning about all of its features. Cyder is an app store that runs amazingly similar to Cydia by downloading applications in a same fashion. Cyder can be easily reached by anyone with a computer too. (Not many applications meant for non-jail-broken devices have this ability.)  Cyder has a great system which allows fast and easy transfers to your device.


Weblin is a great solution for those that want to access all sorts of different apps, games, cracks, tweaks, themes, and other modifications. The wide variety of options well matches the capabilities of Cydia. Once of the best things about this option is that those who have jail-broken their device can use it as well. Weblin works best for those who are not rushed-for-time in terms of downloading applications. For those who need certain applications as soon as possible, it is best to try another Cydia alternative.


Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, OpenAppMkt is one of the best Cydia alternatives for non-jail-broken devices out there. Although OpenAppMkt is not an app, it is a website one can use to download many different kinds of apps and content unique to the website. Go to openappmkt.com to check out all the features.


When some people think of jail-breaking, they are just looking for a way to manage their files as one would on a computer. With iSpirit, they can accomplish just that. iSpirit has the ability to manage all types of files that a normal device cannot due to restrictions, restrictions that iSpirit lifts. iSpirit is also compatible with desktop computers. In spite of the fact that this application is used mainly for file management, it also possesses many other features that make it worth-while for tinkerers and the like.

Apple App Store

For anyone that has been an Apple device owner for any amount of time, it is most likely that they are well aware of the Apple App Store. The store is Pre-installed on all Apple devices and is the gateway to all Apple-approved applications: many of which are free. The Apple App Store does have its limitations, however. After all, no internal tweaks can be made as one can with Cydia and all of the alternatives listed above. Still, if no others fit what one desires, this might be just the app store they truly need.

Regardless of which application ends up being used, all bring great alternatives for those who want more options for device customization without a jailbreak.


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