Barrel Cydia Tweak Icon Transition

Do you want to add graphical effects to the icons on the home page on your iDevice? How about some lovely animations which appear while you scroll through your homepage? If this is what you want in your iDevice, Barrel Cydia Tweak is exactly what you should have.

Price: $2.99
Developer: Aaron Ash
Source: BigBoss

Features: Many people would consider this to be a bit costly but the only reason which convinces them to buy this tweak is the amazing features.
• Change the transitions while flipping from page to page.
• 20 different animations available
• 18 different modes in Cydia
• New animations still under development which you can upgrade after they are available

• Option to turn off the animations.

Barrel Cydia Tweak Icon Transition is so popular because of the wide varieties of animations it provides. You get animations like page slide up and down, curl & roll away and alternate, page fade, page squeeze, Pac – man, merry go around etc. Each one of this makes your phone look classy and different. In case, you don’t like the animation or want to stop it for some time, you can simply turn the animation feature off of your iDevice. Using this tweak is very simple and it is stylish as well. But Barrel Cydia Tweak is compatible only with iOS 3, 4, 5, 6. Also, it’s not for iPad on iOS 3.2.

If you have a jail broken iDevice and you don’ have a tweak like this, you are seriously missing out on something. This tweak is one of the most purchased tweaks and many people are using it at present. All of them have loved the customization it provided to their devices. Moreover, the kind of choice you get while adding animation is another factor which makes it a popular choice among the people. What are you waiting for? This one is certainly a must have and should be there in your iDevice as well. Getting it is very easy and $2.99 isn’t that big amount. You are getting too much in such a small amount. Then why stop yourself? Get it now!

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