Appsync Alternatives – How to Get Cracked Apps without Jailbreaking

While Apple devices are great regardless of which one you own, they can be often be restricting,

And downloading third-party apps can be quite a pain. Unfortunately, if you one want to install and use cracked apps (a.k.a. using paid apps for free, third-party apps, etc.), the solution usually lies within jail-breaking.

What is Jail-breaking Anyway?

Jail-breaking is a commonly free process that liberates your iOS device from restrictions that would otherwise disallow users from tinkering their devices, accessing numerous features, and, of course, downloading and installing cracked apps. Jail-breaking has many benefits, and although it is perfectly safe to do, some iOS device owners either avoid it, or cannot jailbreak at all. They may avoid a jailbreak due to breaching the warranty the instant the device is jail-broken (for new iOS devices), the inability for the user to upgrade the device without getting rid of the jailbreak, or the general technological bother it may bring to some. Sometimes, people who have upgraded their device find themselves physically unable to jailbreak their iOS devices because of the fact that that specific edition of jailbreak (correlating with their firmware, type of device, etc.) may not yet be available.

Regardless, people may want at least some of the amazing features many jail-broken devices have access to without actually jail-breaking their device, such as the ability to install cracked apps. While there are a good number of applications that offer just this, only a few actually do. These following two are the best.

 Best Paid Option – Zeusmos

Zeusmos is the quickest and most reliable service you could use to download and install any app you want on your iOS device. Zeusmos does this by allowing the user to install what are known as IPA files (IPA is the app file extension). You can download Zeusmos from a computer, or from, somewhat ironically, the Apple App Store itself, which is preinstalled on all iOS devices.

The application gives iOS users a simple interface which they use to download all of the apps they want. The download speed for these apps is amazingly fast. Plus, they take pride in their customer service. If you are, for whatever reason, upset with the application, or otherwise have any questions, you can contact them easily and they will solve your problem. You can download up to 10 apps a day with their service. Now, Zeusmos does not come to any user without a subscription of $4.99 a year. Even though this goes against the notion for getting apps for free, some apps cost $4.99 themselves. If used actively, paying for Zeusmos can be quite worth the expenditure.

Best Free Option – iFunBox

For those who wish to install cracked apps with no subscription tied to the service: try iFunbox. iFunbox is a useful tool that you can download on your computer and sync to your device anytime. When you open to use iFunBox, just search for the app you want and click install: you can even do them by batches.

The interface is similar to iTunes and works to download and install IPA files by bypassing Apple’s restrictions. Many websites allow you to buy cracked apps, but only an installer can make them actually work on your device. In fact, you can use it as a complete alternative to iTunes; you can use it to sync all of your movies, songs, photos, ringtones and more.


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