Any Attach Cydia Tweak

Any Attach cydia tweak allows users to attach any file to an email on the Apple device. Any Attach is a sought after tool because the normal restricted factory loaded options is to send regular picture and video files only. The AnyAttach options allow the user to modify these options in order to send any file desired.

Developer: H. Samara and N. Bassen

Source/Repo: The BigBoss

Price: $2.99

Features: The Any Attach Cydia Tweak gives the option of:

  • Attaching image files to an email.
  • Attaching photo files to emails.
  • Attaching any file held in the iPhone file system.

The Any Attach cydia tweak opens up the mail system without actually adding any type of icons to the screen of the device. Any Attach tweak is a jailbreak tweak that allows for any type of file that exists on the iPhone file system to be allowed for sharing over the mail system. At first view it does not seem as if the tweak is there because of how easily it integrates into the existing system. Any Attach tweak cydia replaces the buttons on the attachment options for the mail system.

Any Attach tweakThe options are originally to insert a photo or video. The newly integrated options give the option to attach an image or photo and also display a green button which allows for the attachment of any other file contained on the iPhone system. When the green button is actually pressed it opens a window similar to an iFile browser that allows the user to view all of the files contained on the system for review.

Once the desired file is found and selected it will be downloaded and appear in the attachments of the given message. The Any Attach cydia tweak can allow the iPhone to be increasingly useful by allowing the user to use the device for more functions increasing the usefulness of the users’ transactions while on the go.

The Any Attach cydia tweak can cause for increased business functionality while on the go by way of the iPhone. Adding this jailbreak tweak can allow the user to send numerous types of files decreasing the limitations originally held by the system.

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