Animate Cydia Tweak for Changing Animations

Animate cydia tweak for changing animations allows the user to change different animations able for use with different actions. There is a tweak that allows for changing animations used when opening, closing, and switching applications. While other tweaks allow for the changing of animations associated with changing speed and view of each application used on the system.

Developer: Chronic-Dev Inc.

Source/Repo: Big boss

Price: $1.99

Features: The Animate Cydia Tweak for Changing Animations allows for:

  • Changing of animation speed.
  • Change in actual opening, closing, and switching of applications
  • Many options in choosing the type of animation to be utilized.

animate tweakThere are different types of animate tweaks. One animate tweak is “Motion.” Motion allows for the icons to do different types of animation while on the Springboard. There is also Display Candy, which allows for different forms of animation to be displayed at the opening, closing, and switching of different applications.

One other type of animation tweak offered on a jailbreak device is Live Wire Pro, which allows for the system to change unlock animations. Animate cydia tweak allows for all types of changes in animation on a device.

Cydia Animate tweaks are useful in animating all different facets of Apple devices. The Animate tweak makes the Springboard come to life allowing it to become quite interactive. The appealing tricks the different animation techniques perform causes the device to become very unique to the user.

This is largely because the user can choose each type of animation chosen for each icon and program. The plethora of options offered gives the user a true opportunity to customize their device to exactly what they deem is necessary for their desired experience.

Animate cydia tweak calls for an enhanced experience with the given device because the user can ultimately customize their device and be proud to show of the interesting things that occur.

Animate cydia tweaks give users the opportunity to add cool features to their devices by getting the actual icons to come alive with movement. The Animate cydia tweak gets the different parts of the system to put on a show for the user making the experience extraordinary.

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