AdBlocker For iPhone and iPad Devices

AdBlocker is a content-filter blocks certain ad extensions for different web browsers. They currently block extensions for Google Chrome, Apple and Opera. AdBlocker aids users in preventing different, what are called, page elements from popping up on the screen, like advertisements.

Developer: IOS App Media

Source: Big Boss

Price: Free

Features: To understand this tool better in its relation to the iPhone, as well as the current updates for IOS 7 upgrade:

  • Version 2.1 added internationalization that supports over 33 languages.
  • Version 2.4 saw many speed improvements – this extension is twice as fast
  • Version 2.5, the add-on blocks the download of all advertising resources, including ads in videos and in Flash.
  • Version 2.6 lets the user see how many ads have been blocked by AdBlock. AdBlock for iPhone iOS 7 update requires the new updated version of iOS 7 on the iPhone.

This particular update works the best with the iPhone 5, but is compatible with IPhone, IPad, and iPod touch. This particular version has been updated to include analytic service blocks, current fixes for iOS 7, and blocking of pop-up background sound. The Adblocker download helps with pop-ups on Safari (Safari is the iPhone browser). iPhone does not exhibit many pop-ups unless you use Safari. Safari can have quite a few pop-ups and ads that slow down the loading time without a download of a system similar to AdBlock. AdBlock is made to enhance productivity. When things are searched on Safari ads pop-up to show viewers different ads paid for by the advertisers. Preventing these annoying pop-ups can prove to enhance the searching and downloading experience tremendously.

Adblocker cydia has got huge recognition nowadays. You can enhance search and download speed by blocking pop-ups and advertisements before they begin to download, keeping the browser from getting bogged down. AdBlocker is used to block unnecessary applications and ad campaigns that bog down Safari browsers in turn slowing down loading times. On the iPhone, AdBlocker can prove to be an effective download used to speed up the browser and prevent annoying ads from popping up in the middle of intentional searching. The recent iPhone IOS 7 update matched with the iPhone 5 proves to be the optimal match for the AdBlock system.

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