Warning!! There would be nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on an iPhone just to have it unusable after trying a Cydia Downlaod. For this reason I will recommend using this service as it is highly trusted and satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Why Should you jailbreak?

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FAQ – Any questions about the firmware or cydia installation above please see LINK HERE…

To complete a Cydia Download you will need to have a jailbroken device. the cydia marketplace is similar to the Apple App Store however is primarily used to edit the functions and look of your idevice. Cydia is available on your Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Step 1 To successfully install and download Cydia your first step is to jailbreak your device. There are a number of free jailbreaks online but these often carry malware and damaging programs. There are thousands of cases where free jailbreaks have caused devices to crash, loosing lots of valuable personal information.

Step 2 Once you have completed the Cydia jailbreak the Cydia App should be on your iOS devices dashboard. At this point all you have to do is select the Application and you can start downloading apps. If your unsure what tweaks to download we have a large number of them listed here at the tweaks section…

Is Cydia Jailbreaking Legal? The Cydia Jailbreak is 100% Legal as confirmed on the apple website. The only down side is that you will void your warranty and apple will not give you and support for you apple iDevice. Note: You will not find Cydia at the Apple App Store. Also cydia is not a website it is a piece of software that is installed to you Apple Device by using a jailbreaking service or you can do it yourself with a jailbreaking tool (which can be risky if not a professional).

What is Cydia? In a nut shell Cydia resembles an app which is placed on your iphone, ipad and other iDevices. Within this app is a store where you can get for free or buy specialized apps that will never be available on the apple app store due to apples terms and conditions. The apps within the Cydia marketplace are called Cydia tweaks. If you take a look at the link following this sentence and you will find a number of tweaks that are available on the marketplace and exactly what they all do. See Cydia tweaks hereā€¦